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by Dedbeat

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Intro 01:26
Devil’s Symphony You have no one left to blame, This is just part of your shame Why, Why try, To live, End it all and save yourself from this Screaming and pain loud and clear more and more the tempos unchanged Sounds of their cries Wait for the rest natures turn short and sweet cleansing with her rains Ending your lives Destruction comes in harmony a symphony of pain Teasing my ears Part of whole my masterpiece the end of human race The ending is near Hate is what’s killing your own, Carving their names in the stone Watch, Your own, Be damned, Counting down the days that you have left Repeat chorus Watch with glee while the last one falls and now you know it’s done You’ve ended your life for what was right but now you know it’s wrong You thought that war was the answer but I promise you will see The only thing you’ve ended is your place in history Fuck the medals, Pain is all that’s left You won’t need any glory, When you’re grasping for your breathe Sit on the floor where you once called home Stare at the walls that are empty and cold Looking around where they once shared your love But now they’re all gone and you’re all alone, Why! You brought your own demise, Too late for pleads and cries Darkness has come for you, No time to pray you’re through No more, You’re gone, Your time, To die Repeat 1st verse
Welcome to story time, sit for a bit It’s full of love and some romantic shit The man in this story is so full of life The woman he fell for well, she fucking died He don’t care that, She is decaying and losing her hair He don’t care that, Skin is not staying and her face is fucked Now he’s in love she’s in hell He don’t care she’s a zombie He’s gonna marry that woman some day Even if her face has melted away Nothing will ever tear these two apart Except for that time she got hit by a car He don’t care that, she lost an eye and her foot has come off He kind of cares that, she only has one lip and lost her jaw Repeat Chorus Rap Section!! Fast forward to a time in their lives, everything has gone and changed Man and woman are husband and wife but that’s when things got really strange She started coming undone, ass and elbows everywhere She already lost her lids, now all she did was fucking stare This bitch had lost her mind, no really it was on the floor Laying there all the time, just sitting there….FUCK! That shit is sick! WTF is wrong with you?! GODDAMMIT!!! Repeat Chorus Ask yourself is it all worth it or not Divorce is an option but so is a shot Straight to the head no one would even care No one would give a fuck if you were there What was I thinking I ruined my life!
Do not buy the bullshit that they’re feeding you Call them fake and see them for the truth They take your mind and try to take control That’s how you end up buried in a hole No More lies No More Lies You can’t keep closing your eyes you have to know their lies Pictures on the screen they are not make believe They are loved ones you are watching bleed Stop the madness and their lying games See through the bullshit or you will die the same Repeat Chorus You think you’re really safe You think it’s all for fun You would not stand a chance They’d kill you and be done Try to run and they’ll find you while you’re hiding like a little bitch There’s nothing left to do that’s why you’re rotting in a ditch Repeat Chorus
Do you know where I am now?, Torn away from the ones I love Just how long have I been gone?, Am I even on you mind? A thought you haven’t left behind, Or did you simply just move on Know my name, Know my life, what was taken in the night Everything you take for granted has been lost While you sleep, While you pray I hurt and suffer everyday Just a memory is what I have become Are you even out there now, Looking for my resting place Or do you think I’m still alive, How long did you even try Before you stopped and gave up hope, Are you sure I really died Is it day, is it night, darkness has replaced the light Just how long have I been rotting in this hole Don’t give up, I’m still here, how long till my end is near End my suffering and bring peace to my soul Forgotten Soul No more waiting, Time to take back what was missing Before they come, Save yourself all on your own Discarded by the world to die here to rot here Living in a cesspool of flesh blood and bone Wonder if you’ll ever see the daylight again Wonder if you’re ever gonna find your way home Find your way home Lost x3 Find your way home Try to get away, HOME!
Try to fight it, Try to run and hide from it No matter what you do they seem to track you down In no time at all This can’t be real, Deny everything I feel The truth is harder but there’s nothing left at all The world is gone What more can you do now they’re coming What path will you choose just keep running No more life rights time No more age wage crime All that’s come will fall what’s left All is gone all gone your on the deader side Wasted away, Everyone has passed away You try to find another but there’s none at all You’re all alone Keep hope alive, Not much else to keep inside Overwhelming loss is overcoming you All that’s left is you Repeat pre-chorus and chorus Now you’re on, the deader Now you’re on, the deader side!
Close your eyes rest your head, Daddy’s here Go to sleep in your bed, Do not fear I’ll always be here when you need, By your side I’ll always be the one who bleeds, For your life Hush now baby, don’t you worry Daddy’s here to make it better now Stop your crying and just rest your head I’m gonna find a way to make things right some how No more time left to waste, Lie back down Save your strength do not talk, Not a sound I’ll bring you anything you need, I’ll be there I’d take your place if I knew how, This I swear Repeat chorus But How, What can I do Somehow, There’s no choice left Right now, Forgive me please Lie down, And now you have to! DIE! Before, you judge me, fucking know me, I did all that I could do To save them, show them mercy, I had to watch them Before, you judge me, fucking know me, I did all that I could do To save them, show them mercy, I had to watch them DIE! I had no chaoice, to take there lives, they were never really there Look in their eyes, they were dead inside, There’s no remorse Repeat
Wake up to the anarchy, Loved ones have fallen down Their bodies are what’s left, Lying upon the ground See the terror all around and wonder is it cause of you Take a closer look and see it for yourself What is this what happened what did you do Is this real or are you in hell? Don’t put a face or call it by its name No matter what the hell it has been through Don’t you even think about its pain You were dead and now it will be too Before you start to judge, Step back and see yourself Now tell me what you’ve done, Saving us from this hell Repeat pre-chorus and Chorus Leave the dead alone With the living you don’t have to save them They don’t matter You can keep on trying but you’ll never live again This is not your family Save them from the horrors that they are bound to see Make your choice to save their lives Or you can turn them, show them what it’s like Repeat chorus Wake up, to the anarchy Loved ones, have fallen down
Outbreak 04:47
Try, to run, escape, to save your loved ones Each day, your fear, your hiding is done Running for your life is not an option anymore Stand your ground and turn the tides until you win the war The only choice you have left is the one to take the night You have no time to second guess only time left is to fight No more loss, No more fear, No more pain, The end is here Take another life and make it even today there is no time to stop and morn there’s only time for pain Time falling through your hand Night falls across the land, You owe this to your family Now you know exactly what you need to get done Try to win this battle your journey has begun Is Loaded in your hand, Finding other signs of man, You cannot be the only one Chorus Now you have an entire army at your rule stand and take the fight to them and show them you’re not scared Of losing your own life of fighting through the night Of taking on them all at once Make the only choice you have to save mankind now they will look up to you and follow you to death Is filling up the air, you showed them you were there You’ve cannot be denied your soul Chorus Fight x2 Make your stand and show them that you know how to fight Show no mercy while you push them back to the night Back where they come Know where they’re from Back to the night
Rendezvous with Death Waiting so patiently hardly at bay Cannot believe it today is the day We die I want it I feel it the chosen is here Take me away to the land I hold dear A lie Where are we now? What have we done? Where you belong, burning in hell for the things that you done How can this be? We are your sons? Murder and pillage and hate. Killing each other for what you can take. Judged convicted of wrong Done and moved on you’re gone You made your own bed now you have to lie Paid for the wrongs you’ve done to man Suffer by your own hand You dug your own grave now you have to die Judged for the lives you took away Burried, Burried in the sand You spend your whole life waiting for this day And when it comes what will you have to say I’ve been a faithful son so father won’t you let me in I’ve tried so very hard so very hard not to sin Repeat first verse Repeat first chorus
ATE-BIT 05:33
Life, Covered my hands with their blood, So you could live on I’ve cursed my bloodlines, I’ve spent my lifetime for yours, Dying so you could live on She gave her soul, To make it whole See, Darkness is all that I see, I must move on I must save mankind, Before existence is gone, Save all your souls They know my name, they fear my name Try to run and hide, know me Try to save your life, Fear me You cannot escape from, Holy Pray the day you come to, Know my name Ever since the day she died I’ve seen the fear that’s in your eyes you’re not as safe as you would like to be. You run and hide to stay alive but only until I find you and you think that you’re a match for me. Fear me as I end your minions knowing that you’re on my list Work my way right to your front door your days are coming to an end Who needs guns, When Alchemy And Sarah’s Soul, Are complete One!!!!! Hiding in your fortress only hesitates the ending but don’t worry soon you will see the truth These things you send in place of you are only practice for me to destroy until I get to you I have seen the end of days and none of them bear your name Bide your time it will be broken I’ll no longer play your game Repeat I’m at your door, I’m coming for your soul You cannot run, There’s nowhere left to go You see your fate, there’s nothing you can do There’s nothing left to do, I’m coming after you


This is our debut release.


released April 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Dedbeat Columbus, Ohio

A melodic mix of Horror and Metal with influences ranging from thrash to doom and hardcore to hard rock.

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